What is ColoVantage® Home?

  • ColoVantage® Home is based on the latest technology to detect traces of blood, which may indicate colorectal disease.​​

    First released in 2000, ColoVantage® Home is a faecal immunochemical test (FIT) that has since been used to screen thousands of people across Australia and New Zealand.

    The test detects traces of blood that may be present in your stool. These traces of blood may be released into the stool as a result of the presence of colorectal diseases.

    The patented ‘Brush’ sampling technology is used to test the water in your toilet bowl for traces of blood.

    The test is easy and convenient to use – and, unlike other tests:

    • involves no faecal handling.

    • The test does not require changes to diet or medications.

    No need for refrigeration.

    The ColoVantage® Home ‘Test Card’ uses patented technology to store your sample in a stable dry-format, for transportation to our laboratory for testing.